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Nov 16 2011

Bacterium-Infected Kotex Tampons Being Recalled

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Products manufactured according to substandard standards may inadvertently cause extensive injury or death to its owner, says Alabama liability attorney Keith T. Belt .









This is one of those recalls that are so horrifying Kimberly-Clark wants to make sure everyone knows about it right now. The company announced a product recall of a limited number of its Kotex Natural Balance* Security® Unscented Tampons Regular Absorbency distributed to specific stores in the United States.

Kimberly-Clark, makers of Kotex Natural Balance Security tampons, are recalling two of their products due to the fact the raw material used to make them has been infected with bacterium. The recall affects only the unscented, regular absorbency tampons with carton codes 15063 (18 count) and 15068 (36 count). According to the press release:

The tampons were manufactured with a raw material contaminated with a bacterium, Enterobacter sakazakii, which may cause health risks, including vaginal infections, urinary tract infections (UTIs), pelvic inflammatory disease or infections that can be life-threatening. Women with serious existing illnesses, cancer or immune-compromised conditions, such as HIV, are at increased risk. There is limited evidence of transfer between individuals with this bacterium.

The impacted product includes both 18-count and 36-count packages of the Kotex Natural Balance* Security ® Unscented Tampons Regular Absorbency that were shipped to retail customers between October 29, 2011 and November 2, 2011 in specific Walmart stores in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico and Texas; specific Fry’s stores in Arizona; and specific Smith’s stores in Utah and Arizona.

Customers should call a doctor immediately if they have used the tampons and experience unusual vaginal discharge, rash, fever, headache, vomiting or abdominal pains, particularly if they are HIV positive, have AIDS, cancer, an existing serious illness or may be pregnant.

For more information visit the FDA product recall information on Kotex Natural Balance Security Unscented Tampons.

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