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Jul 11 2011

Breast Implant Problems Grow With Time According To The FDA

Posted in Product Liability

Products approved by the FDA may cause unanticipated adverse reactions to patients due to the unique composition of each person and the other medical treatments they may be receiving, says Alabama liability attorney Keith T. Belt .

Don’t expect breast implants to last for life, the government warned Wednesday: About 1 in 5 women who receive them for cosmetic reasons will have them removed within 10 years, and those odds are even higher for cancer survivors.

The agency concluded the implants are basically safe as long as women understand they come with complications, which  include painful scar tissue and ruptured implants.The longer you have the implant, the more likely you are to have complications and women should get regular checkups including scans to make sure the implants haven’t ruptured.

While FDA’s safety review concentrated on silicone-gel implants, the agency’s updated advice booklet for women makes clear that saline-filled versions come with the same complications — women getting those wind up back on the operating table also. The most common complication remains scar tissue that hardens around the implant, and that can become severe enough to warp the shape of the breast or cause pain, with other problems include implant rupture, wrinkling and a lopsided appearance.

Plastic surgeons say they’ve long told women about those risks requiring almost lifetime maintenance when you have a breast implant in. However,  breast augmentation remains the most popular cosmetic surgery in the U.S., with nearly 300,000 women undergoing it last year. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 70,000 others received implants for breast reconstruction. Silicone-gel implants are the most common kind.