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May 30 2013

10 Year Old Girl Killed With 8 Hospitalized In Huntsville Crash

Posted in Car Accident, Community Service

Vehicle accidents involving young reckless drivers have become an increasing problem and no amount of legislation can replace sound judgment to curb this growing trend, Alabama attorney Keith T. Belt says

Charges are pending against an 18-year-old after a multiple vehicle wreck left a child dead and eight people hospitalized. Huntsville Police said Gunner Joseph Scarano of Owens Crossroads caused two wrecks in two different locations Tuesday around 6 p.m. The first accident happened at Bailey Cove Road and Mountain Gap Road. Four vehicles were involved at the wreck at that intersection and fortunately no major injuries occurred, but four charges were filed for leaving the scene of a crash.

“I saw him in the back rear view mirror about a second before he hit me, and I slammed on the gas to try to move out of the way, and he hit the corner of my car,” said John Ragland who was involved in the first wreck.

Shortly after the hit-and-run, police said Scarano caused a chain reaction wreck a mile and a half away by hitting a Toyota van driven by Andrea Coppens at the intersection of Bailey Cove Road and Weatherly Road. Three children were in the van and  one of Coppens’ daughters, 10-year-old Jayden, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The force of the collision caused the van to slam into a Kia Soul, which hit a Lincoln Town Car, then swiped a Honda minivan and a Toyota truck. In all, six vehicles were involved in the second wreck, with HEMSI transporting eight people to Huntsville Hospital,  three who were in critical condition.

According to investigators, protocol in all traffic accidents was followed with blood samples collected from Scarano and test results are pending. If Scarano has any medical issues it will be in the test results and Huntsville Police indicated Scarano had no history of prior incidents of that nature on record. Scarano was trapped inside of his burning truck after hitting the vehicles on Weatherly Road and he faces life-threatening injuries at the UAB Hospital burn center.

“From what we can gather so far, he just rammed through everybody sitting here at the light,” said Sgt. Dan Dean with the Huntsville Police.