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Mar 27 2013

LifeScan Meters That Miss High Blood Sugar Recalled

Posted in Nursing Home, Product Liability
Products manufactured according to substandard standards may inadvertently cause extensive injury or death to its owner, says Alabama liability attorney Keith T. Belt . LifeScan, a unit of Johnson & Johnson, is recalling blood glucose meters that shut down at extremely high glucose levels and fail to provide a warning, the company announced. In the U.S., the affected model is the OneTouch Verio IQ meter with about 90,000 models have been sold here, but no adverse events have yet been reported. At readings of 1,024 mg/dL and above, the units can fail to alert the user and may simply power down instead, putting patients at risk for serious adverse events, according to a statement from LifeScan. Although the likelihood of experiencing such a high blood sugar level is rare, when it happens it is a “serious health risk requiring immediate medical attention,” the company said in its press release. The recall also extends to similar OneTouch devices sold in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, including the Verio IQ, Verio Pro, and Verio Pro+. LifeScan reported one serious adverse event outside of the U.S. with the Verio Pro meter, but it hasn’t been determined whether the meter was a causal factor in the event. Life Scan advised patients to contact their customer service in order to get a free replacement meter, and said patients can continue to use the Verio IQ model until the replacement arrives — as long as they are aware that a shut-down could indicate dangerously high blood glucose levels. Other OneTouch models — including Ultra meters, Select meters, and Verio test strips — are not affected.   About Belt & Bruner, P.C.