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Apr 18 2013

Semi-Truck Driver Error Leads To His Fatality

Posted in Car Accident, Community Service
Inattentive and reckless driving unfortunately often leads to avoidable fatalities, the driver of a vehicle needs to consider the consequences of taking risks when behind the wheel , says Alabama liability attorney Keith T. Belt . A fatal wreck involving an 18-wheeler occurred at the intersection of South Memorial Parkway and Martin Road in Huntsville shutting down westbound Martin Road. The driver, Ronald Scott Scarbrough, lost control of his flat-bed truck and it flipped over on the westbound Martin Road/Memorial Parkway exit ramp. Rescue workers had to use a wrecker to flip over the flat bed 18-wheeler to allow them to extract the driver from the truck’s cab.  The speed being traveled combined with the severity of the accident caused the weight of the truck to completely cave in the cab’s roof crushing Mr. Scarbrough. He was pronounced dead at the scene by the rescue team. Fatalities like this, occurring while driving on a unobstructed road bed in the middle of a bright sunny day, reinforce the need for driver responsibility to ensure their own safety when behind the wheel of a vehicle.