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Jan 23 2012

Woman Suing Athens, Alabama Burger King Over Hot Coffee Injury

Posted in Community Service, Product Liability
This case is similar to the famous McDonald’s Hot Coffee case when a woman was severely burned and suffered serious problems including ongoing health issues , says Alabama liability attorney Keith T. Belt

A woman is suing Burger King in Athens, Alabama claiming she was burned by the restaurant’s coffee, The Times’ news partner, WHNT News 19, reports.
Delonda St. John sued WesFam Restaurants Inc. over an April 2009 incident in which the lid popped off of a hot cup of coffee as a drive-through window employee handed it to St. John, burning her stomach and legs, her lawyer, B. Scott Shipman, said the employee didn’t secure the lid properly and the coffee was about 190 degrees.
WesFam Restaurants is fighting the allegations in Limestone County circuit court. The jury is expected to get the case Wednesday.