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Alabama Spinal Injury Lawyer - Herniated Disc Injury

Herniated Disc Injury Lawyers at Belt & Bruner, P.C.

The Alabama spinal injury lawyers of Belt & Bruner, P.C. know how painful a herniated disk injury can be. A herniated disk can also cause numbness or weakness in one or both arms or legs. The condition – sometimes called a “slipped disk” or “ruptured disk” – involves damage to the cushioning disc(s) between the vertebrae. The damage causes the disk to bulge and irritate nearby nerves. It can arise from an automobile or workplace accident. It may also result from wear and tear from unsafe work conditions.herniated disc injury - spinal injury lawyer If you have suffered disk herniation from an accident, you may be prevented from walking, working or performing routine manual tasks. However, if another person’s negligence caused your spinal cord injury, you may be entitled to money damages that can pay for your medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering. Our disk herniation attorneys want to help. Call us today or use our online contact form for a free initial consultation.

Spinal Injury Lawyer Explains Herniated Disc Causes

Spinal discs are padding between the vertebrae of the spine. The Mayo Clinic compares them to jelly doughnuts. Wear and tear on spinal discs causes them to lose moisture and collapse. The natural deteriorating effects of age also contribute to disc herniation; but more often, a fall, sudden blow or continual stress causes the spinal discs to tear or rupture. When part of the ruptured disc’s jelly-like interior pushes through its outer casing, it can irritate nearby nerves. This leads to the pain, numbness or weakness in an arm or leg. People with physically demanding jobs face a greater risk of back problems such as disc herniation, according to the Mayo Clinic. Repetitive lifting, pulling, pushing, bending sideways and twisting all can increase the risk of a herniated disc. Alabama spinal injury attorney and herniated disc causes Herniated discs most often occur in the lower back (lumbar spine). They can also occur in the neck (cervical spine). They may cause a mild tingling, numbness, dull ache or a burning or pulsating pain. In some cases, the pain is severe enough that the victim can’t move. The pain, numbness and/or weakness caused by disc herniation may extend into the arms and legs. Walking and bending, or even coughing or sneezing, may make the pain worse. In severe cases, disc herniation patients can’t continue to work or enjoy other aspects of life. Rest, strong medication and physical therapy may help. But some patients require steroid injections or surgery. Several months to a year or more may pass before the patient can safely return to normal physical activity without pain or straining the back again.

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If you suffer from disc herniation because of an accident that someone else caused, such as a motor vehicle accident or work conditions, our experienced Alabama spinal injury lawyers at Belt & Bruner may be able to help. You may have a right to workers’ compensation or other funds that can help you with your medical expenses and loss of income. Call an attorney from Belt & Bruner today or use our online contact form. We can provide a free initial consultation about your case. Last updated: March 23, 2015