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Business is a competition. No one wants to lose. Still, there are rules you must follow. When someone tries to get ahead by breaking those rules, any party harmed should immediately seek legal assistance. A skilled and experienced Birmingham business law (or commercial law) attorney can help set things right.

At Belt & Bruner business law firm, we have helped clients obtain relief in a variety of business law and commercial law matters, including:

  • Business FraudBusiness fraud cases tend to be complex. Evidence must be gathered and pieced together in a manner that illustrates how fraudulent schemes were planned and executed, and how they harmed innocent victims. Business fraud investigations require expertise in business management, accounting, auditing, data collection and analysis. They also require the litigation skill that is needed to present this evidence in a clear and convincing manner.
  • False Claims Act (Qui Tam)False Claims Act / Qui Tam law involves “whistleblower” activity. This occurs when a person reports a business that is defrauding the federal or state government. Those who make successful whistleblower reports are rewarded with a portion of the money that the government saves or recovers by ending the fraudulent scheme. False Claims Act cases must be supported by detailed evidence that is presented clearly and persuasively.
  • Accounting Malpractice. Business expect their accountants to live up to their legal duty to exercise due diligence and reasonable care in handling the company’s financial matters such as properly and ethically maintaining ledgers and preparing tax forms and other documents. When the accountant fails to fulfill this duty, and your business suffers a loss, you should seek an experienced business law attorney to recover damages for you.
  • Deceptive Trade Practices. The Alabama Deceptive Trade Practices Act (UDAP) and similar laws in effect throughout the Southeast and across the country prohibit businesses from engaging in deceptive, unfair of “unconscionable” acts of trade or commerce. If a business runs afoul of this law, and consumers are harmed, they may be able to recover compensation that includes multiple or punitive damages.
  • Contract Disputes. Nearly every business transaction is based on a contract. The law recognizes the validity of written, oral and implied contracts. A contract dispute often comes down to interpreting the contract’s terms. An experienced business attorney can help parties in a contract dispute negotiate a settlement or, if litigation is necessary, secure a judgment that is to your benefit.
  • Tortious Interference with a Business Relationship. If you have an existing contract or business relationship with an individual or company, and  you suffer actual losses when another party knowingly and intentionally interferes with this relationship (for instance, by swooping in to secure a contract that would have been yours or by causing a party to breach a contract), then you may have a claim for tortious interference with a business relationship.
  • Unfair Competition. Complex laws regulate what a business is allowed to do in order to gain advantage over another. For example, the law protects trade secrets and other forms of intellectual property. If another firm damages your business through unfair competition, tortious interference or a breach of fiduciary duties by a former employee, you have legal recourse. A commercial law attorney experienced in Alabama courts can help you recover money for the harm done to your business.
  • Other Business Law Issues. Our Birmingham business law / commercial law / bad faith attorneys also assist companies with conflicts pertaining to:
    • Employment / labor disputes
    • Shareholders’ rights
    • Franchise litigation
    • Arbitration

Should you need legal assistance from a business lawyer, contact our Birmingham, Alabama business attorney today for a free consultation.

business lawyer at our business law firmThe Birmingham business law / commercial law attorneys at Belt & Bruner are dedicated to our clients and their interests. We have a record of success that results from our tireless and aggressive pursuit of the company or individuals who cheat or wrong our clients. We help clients in business law matters throughout Alabama.

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