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car-accident-1 You cannot control careless drivers who disregard Alabama traffic safety laws and road conditions and cause preventable accidents. But you control how you respond to an accident caused by another driver— from the steps you take immediately after the collision to the car accident attorney who you select to protect your legal rights. car-accident-2Choose a Birmingham car accident attorney who will listen carefully to your concerns, offer trusted legal advice based on experience and pursue the maximum amount of damages on your behalf. Belt & Bruner, P.C. Car Accident Attorney Our car accident attorneys at Belt & Bruner offer skill, experience and an unwavering commitment to justice to help people who have been injured by the careless acts of other drivers in Birmingham and throughout Alabama. Those who hire us after a serious car accident know they can focus on their recovery because our accident attorneys will be working hard on the legal and insurance issues on their behalf.

Cases We Have Handled 

The car accident lawyers at Belt & Bruner advocate aggressively on behalf of our clients and have produced more than 40 victories valued at $1 million or more. We are privileged to have helped many car accident victims during our years of practice. Here are some examples of our results involving car accidents:

Jury Verdict in an Automobile Accident Case (Vu Ho v John Degroat, Jefferson County, Bessemer Division)
Jury Verdict in a Wrongful Death/Uninsured Motorist Case (Estate of John Tyler v. Progressive, Calhoun County)
Verdict in Wrongful Death, Negligent Highway Construction Case (Estate of Reginald Usher v. Blalock Construction, Knox County, Tennessee)
Settlement in Motor Vehicle Accident Case
Settlement in Automobile Accident

Read Our Car Accident Guide 

It’s common to have questions after a car accident. Our free downloadable car accident guide seeks to address some of the questions you may have such as who may be held responsible for your accident, how can you recover for your losses and how do you deal with insurance companies. The guide is a good general introduction to dealing with a car accident, but is not a substitute for seeking professional legal advice. We encourage you to read this informative guide and reach out to our car accident attorneys to review the specific facts of your accident and explain your legal options.
A guide for Car Driver's in Alabama

Injuries from Car Accidents  

The types of injuries that we commonly help accident victims seek compensation to regain control and move forward with their lives include:


Traumatic Brain Injuries


Neck Injuries

back injuries

Back Injuries

spinal chord injuries

Spinal Cord Injuries

chest injuries

Chest Injuries


Abdominal Injuries




Things Your Car Insurer May Not Tell You 

You paid your car insurance premiums and you expect insurance companies to act in good faith after an accident. But there are a number of things about the claim process that insurance companies won’t tell you. We have put together a list of seven things that car insurance companies won’t tell you that our Alabama car accident lawyers think you should know.

top 7 things car insurance company wont tell you

What to Do After a Car Accident 

It may be difficult to focus your thoughts and know what to do in the moments after a traffic accident in Alabama. Yet it is important to take the correct steps after a car accident to protect your health and your legal rights.  We’ve compiled a list of 10 Steps to Take After a Car Accident.

What to do After a Car Accident

What to Do When Your Car Gets Totaled 

Following certain steps after your car has been totaled in a traffic accident can give you a considerable advantage toward maximizing your insurance claim. First of all, it is important to understand all the sources of insurance coverage that may be available if you have to replace your car or make extensive repairs. If an uninsured motorist caused the accident that totaled your car, you may have coverage under your own uninsured/underinsured motorist policy. Read more about What to Do When Your Car Gets Totaled and your legal rights.

What to do When your car gets totaled

Alabama Car Accident Facts

Many Alabamans face the challenge of recovering from a car accident each year. According to the most recent crash data reported by the Alabama Department of Transportation, more than 126,000 traffic accidents were reported in Alabama in a recent year. Alabama auto accident facts

One accident may have multiple contributing factors. The ten top contributing driver errors causing Alabama car accidents in 2013 were:

Driver Error     All Crashes Fatal Crashes
Failure to yield     19,309 76
Tailgating     17,022 5
Misjudge Stopping Distance     12,245 3
Unseen Vehicle      9,542 22
Improper Lane Change      8,685 32
Speeding      7,241 118
Swerved to avoid object or vehicle      6,417 22
Failure to Heed Traffic Signal     4,780 27
Drunk Driving     4,603 105
Ran off road      2,802  64

Source: Alabama DOT

The important point to remember is to take control after a car accident. Take a simple step. Contact a knowledgeable car accident right away to discuss your legal options for claiming compensation for your injuries and the financial harm you have sustained as a result. Then you will be in a better position to make informed decisions about your family’s future.

Types of Car Accidents

Alabama drivers are injured in many different types of accidents. Many of them are preventable accidents caused by the carelessness or disregard for safety of the at-fault driver.  It’s important to seek legal assistant with an Alabama car accident lawyer who has broad experience with many types of car accidents and who understands the evidence needed to resolve a claim successfully.

Among the types of car accidents we handle are:

rear end collisionsRear-end Collisions
sideswipeSideswipe Accidents
rollover accidentsRollover Accidents
hydro planning accidentsHydroplaning Car Accidents
tbone accidentsT-Bone or
Side Impact Accidents
drowsy drivingDrowsy Driving Crashes
out of stateAccidents Involving an Out-of-State Driver

Causes of Car Accidents: 

Our car accident attorneys commonly work to help victim recover compensation followings accidents caused by the following common factors:

texting and driving

Texting and Driving

Our streets and highways are filled with drivers who cannot put down their mobile phones, even when they are behind the wheel. Texting while driving distracts a driver’s attention from the road and greatly increases the risk of an accident. Some drivers disregard the danger of texting and driving and send text messages.

Other drivers talk on a cell phone or daydream and stop paying attention to the road ahead.  Any distraction that diverts attention from the road is dangerous. Our law firm recovered a $13 million verdict in a distracted driving case.

drunk driving

Drunk Driving

Drivers who are impaired by alcohol or drugs put everyone at risk of serious injury. Speeding, swerving from lane to lane, wrong-way driving and reckless driving behavior are common signs of a drunk driver. Drunk drivers caused 264 alcohol-related traffic deaths in Alabama in 2014, and all of those were preventable accidents.

driver fatigue

Driver Fatigue

Drowsy driving is extremely common. A driver who is sleepy or struggling to stay awake reacts more slowly to changes in traffic conditions and may not recognize a highway hazard until it’s too late. Driver fatigue is a frequent contributing cause of serious and deadly car accidents.

speeding and reckless driving

Speeding and Reckless Driving

Speeding and reckless driving are factors contributing to many Alabama car accidents. Drivers who tailgate, weave in and out of lanes, race through intersections or drive too fast for the road conditions are responsible for high numbers of fatal and serious injury accidents.

automotive defects

Automotive Defects

Automobile manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers and dealerships may be held accountable in a product liability case if a vehicle safety system fails to operate property or a vehicle defect leads to an accident causing injury. Tire blowouts and air bags that fail to deploy or injure a driver or passenger when deploying can cause serious or fatal injuries. Brakes, seats, seatbelts, ignition and other systems are expected to function correctly. When defective vehicles or vehicle components malfunction and lead to serious injuries, the manufacturer should be held accountable.

dangerous roads

Dangerous Roads

Some roads, highways and intersections are known for having high numbers of traffic accidents. The dangers facing motorists could involve poorly designed or maintained roads, improperly graded curves, traffic signs obscured by trees or shrubbery, uneven pavement, or lack of warning of road hazards.

In serious traffic accidents caused by defective road designs or poorly maintained roads or bridges, a governmental entity such as the Alabama Department of Transportation, or a city or county or their contractor, may be held financially liable for injuries resulting from the conditions. A defective road accident attorney can review you accident and explain your legal options.