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Causes of Freeway and Roadway Accidents

Road Construction

The Birmingham defective road accident lawyers at Belt & Bruner, P.C., know that many car accidents are caused by poorly designed or maintained roads. Road work is a fact of life. Anyone driving for any distance in Birmingham or elsewhere in Alabama is likely to encounter a work zone at some point in the journey. In fact, as the infrastructure in the U.S. ages, more roads will need to be resurfaced and rebuilt by construction crews. People are likely to see increasing amounts of road construction.

Unfortunately, work zones are dangerous places. This is true for both drivers and construction workers. Many people don’t know how to respond safely in work zones, especially if they have to merge lanes. Others will get impatient with the traffic that is often caused by construction. They may make dangerous driving decisions due to their irritation.

Causes of Alabama Construction Zone Accidents

Construction zone accidents can occur for many different reasons. For example, a driver, passenger, pedestrian, motorcycle rider, bike rider or construction worker could be injured in a construction zone as a result of:

Unsafe merging
Unsafe merging – Construction zones often require cars to go from one lane to many. This can cause accidents if drivers don’t yield or look before changing lanes.
Malfunctioning construction equipment
Malfunctioning construction equipment – When construction equipment has a defect or is used improperly, the construction worker and those on the road can be at risk of harm.
Poor visibility
Poor visibility – Construction zones can create barriers that impede visibility, contributing to the risk of a crash.
Clogged lanes
Clogged lanes – Overcrowding in lanes due to construction closures can cause drivers to tailgate or drive aggressively. This increases the risk of rear-end crashes and other wrecks.
Improper barriers
Improper barriers – When construction workers fail to set up proper barriers, drivers could travel into a hazardous area and be injured.
Bad signage
Bad signage – If signs don’t clearly tell drivers they are entering a construction zone, then drivers may not have time to slow down or react accordingly.
Bad weather
Bad weather – Rain or other bad weather can make roads slick and increase the danger to both construction workers and drivers since the slippery street can cause a car to go out of control in a construction zone.
Distracted, drunk or fatigued drivers
Distracted, drunk or fatigued drivers – Drivers who aren’t paying attention or who aren’t able to react to a construction zone could accidentally hit a construction worker or another car.
Unmarked road hazards
Unmarked road hazards – Dips or curves in a road might not be properly marked and could cause a car to go out of control if an unsuspecting driver hits one too fast.

These are just a few potential causes of construction site crashes. Determining the cause of the accident is very important in order to determine who can be held legally responsible for the crash. Construction site accidents often cause serious injury or even death. The person injured can take action to recover compensation from the responsible party.

Negligent Road Construction

Freeway and roadway construction often leads to excessive amount of debris and other unexpected hazards, making it difficult and dangerous for people to drive. There are many different precautions that should be taken to give drivers adequate notification that the road condition may change, such as properly displayed road signs, making them aware of possible driving maneuvers that they may have to use to prevent accidents and injuries. Without these precautions, drivers and passengers are at risk for serious injuries.

Roadway Hazards:

Roadway Hazards

Types of Interstate Accidents

The Dangers of Interstate Accidents

When an interstate accident happens, the crash may be much more dangerous than other types of accidents. There are many reasons that interstate accidents tend to be severe, and drivers face risks including:

High-speed accidents
High-speed accidents
When cars are traveling at higher speeds, accidents are more likely to occur because drivers cannot stop as quickly or control their vehicles as well. Accidents are also more likely to be severe because cars traveling at high speeds collide with more force.

Accidents involving large trucks and tour buses
Accidents involving large trucks and tour buses
Trucks that transport goods through Alabama may weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. This is far larger than the average passenger car. A crash with a truck is far more likely to be deadly than a crash with a car. When a tour bus crash occurs, passengers as well as other motorists can be harmed.

Pileup accidents
Pileup accidents
When there is an accident on an interstate, there is a very real chance that the crash will turn into a multi-car pileup. Unfortunately, cars traveling at high speeds are often unable to stop when they come upon an accident scene and thus may hit impaired cars. Cars also travel in close proximity on interstates and have nowhere to go when they encounter a crash.

Defective Road Accidents

The Birmingham defective road accident lawyers at Belt & Bruner, P.C., know that many car accidents are caused by poorly designed or maintained roads. When government entities or their contractors fail to meet their duties of building and maintaining safe roads, we believe they should be held fully accountable for any injuries that result from their negligence.

Road Defects Caused by Poor Highway / Road Maintenance and Construction

Poorly maintained roads also cause car wrecks. When a government or its contractors neglect a road, traffic signs and signals and the surrounding area, the road can become unsafe. Road maintenance problems include:

Road maintenance problems include:

Sometimes, construction projects render a road unsafe. For example, the government may start a construction project to make a road safer but then fail to provide a safe path for travel during the construction phase. These are commonly called “work zone accidents” or “road construction accidents.”