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Alabama Statute of Limitations on Car Accidents

stature-of-limitations-for-Car-Accident-Claims-imageIf you have been injured through no fault of your own in a car crash, you may be eligible to collect compensation for your losses. An expert Alabama car accident attorney at Belt & Bruner can help. We know from experience that after an accident, it is important to take action without delay.

In Alabama, there is a strict time limitation on filing a personal injury lawsuit. This is called the statute of limitations. This law applies to claims arising from traffic crashes.

Generally speaking, you must file a lawsuit (or complaint) in an Alabama court within two years after the date of the accident (or from the date when your injury should have been discovered “in the exercise of reasonable diligence”). If the claim alleges a wrongful death, then the lawsuit must be filed within two years of the death.

Other Potential Impacts on the Timing of Your Claim

There are a few other important timing rules that apply to car accident claims:

  • Accidents involving a government entity – If you are suing the state of Alabama (for instance, the claim arose from the negligent driving of a state employee while on duty, or the wreck was caused by a defective road condition), you must generally bring the claim within one year after the accident (two years if a wrongful death is alleged).
  • Accidents involving a defective vehicle / auto part – If your injuries were caused by a defective automobile or automotive part, then your case would be deemed a product liability lawsuit. If you are suing the manufacturer, distributor or retailer, then you must bring the claim within one year after the accident (or discovery of your injury).
  • Accidents involving a minor – If the person who has the right to bring a claim is a minor, then the two-year statute of limitations is “tolled” and does not begin to run until the victim’s 18th birthday.

It takes time to investigate a car accident case and compile all of the information that’s necessary for filing a complaint in court. This is why it is crucial to act without delay if you intend to pursue a legal claim after a car accident.

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Last Updated: Feb. 24, 2015