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Our Premises Liability Lawyer Is Always Ready to Handle Slip and Fall Cases

At Belt & Bruner our lawyers know that slip-and-fall accidents are all too common in Birmingham, Alabama, and across the U.S. In many cases, they can lead to serious injuries and even death. In fact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that unintended falls kill 19,565 people in our country each year.

According to Alabama premises liability laws, property owners may be held liable for any injury caused by unsafe conditions on their premises. Whether corporate or individual, all property owners need to take reasonable measures to prevent accidents and injuries on their premises that are caused by slips, trips and falls. When they fail to do so, they must be held accountable, and their victims deserve to be compensated.

The Birmingham slip-and-fall accident lawyers of Belt & Bruner have the knowledge, skill and experience to handle your case. We have secured verdicts and settlements for personal injury and wrongful death victims across Alabama and the Southeast. To learn more, call us today or use our online contact form. We can provide you with a free case evaluation.

Common Causes of Slip-and-Fall Accidents in Alabama

A property owner’s failure to eliminate dangerous conditions or adequately warn visitors about them is the general cause of slips, trips and falls that produce injuries. Based on our experience, we have seen slip-and-fall accidents in Birmingham, Alabama, and elsewhere caused by:

  • Wet floors – The most common sources are liquids, such as rain water from umbrellas, or leaks, condensation, ice, oil, grease, spills from buckets or machines, and cleaning products.
  • Dust, debris and foreign obstacles – Dry sources can trigger harmful falls as well, ranging from sawdust or dirt on the floor to equipment that clutters a walking area.
  • Uneven walking surfaces – Broken or uneven pavement or stairways, holes, sudden changes in level, broken or loose tiles and defective and uneven carpet can cause falls.
  • Poor lighting – A person may be unable to walk safely when they cannot see because poor lighting affects their judgment.
  • Defective safeguards or handrails – A common construction accident is a fall from a defective scaffold. Additionally, pedestrians may suffer severe injuries when they fall due to the lack of safety features, such as a railing or handrail.

What Should You Do After a Slip-and-Fall Accident?

To establish liability against a corporate or private property owner, the victim must prove that the property owner:

  • Caused the unsafe condition, and
  • Knew about the dangerous condition but did not take steps to correct it, or
  • Should have known about the hazard because a reasonable person taking care of the property would have discovered and corrected the dangerous condition.

Preserving evidence is crucial. If you have been injured in a slip-and-fall accident, you should immediately:

  • Report your accident to the property owner. If you fall at a business, obtain a copy of any incident report that is generated.
  • Gather names, addresses and the telephone numbers of any eyewitnesses.
  • Take pictures of where your injuries occurred before the property owner can fix the hazard. These photos can serve as evidence of the defective condition of the property on the day of the accident. Also, photograph any injury immediately after the fall and when there are any changes, such as swelling or bruising.
  • Save all evidence related to the fall, including the shoes and clothing you wore.
  • Immediately seek medical treatment for all injuries and follow all doctors’ recommendations for treatment. Keep copies of all of your medical bills (even those paid by insurance) and off-work slips. You may also want to keep a diary to record your thoughts about your medical treatment or your pain and suffering.

Consult a Slip and Fall Attorney and Know the Damages Available for  Slip-and-Fall Accident Victims

Slips and falls can result in painful cuts and bruises, as well as debilitating injuries to the spine, hips, pelvis, arms, legs and hands. Traumatic brain injury, paralysis or death may result.

At Belt & Bruner our experienced Birmingham slip-and-fall accident lawyers can determine whether liability may exist in your case and recover damages for lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering. In some cases, punitive damages may be warranted.

Contact our slip and fall lawyer Birmingham today for a free consultation.

premises liability lawyer - slip and fall attorneyBelt & Bruner has successfully handled litigation against corporate and individual property owners for slip-and-fall injuries that were sustained on their property. We know how to negotiate with insurance companies, and we are aggressive in the courtroom. To learn more, call our Birmingham slip-and-fall accident lawyers today or use our online contact form. We can evaluate your case for free.