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Birmingham Class Action Lawyers

Birmingham Class Action Lawyers
With nearly 70 years of trial experience, the attorneys of Belt & Bruner, P.C. have successfully represented thousands of people throughout Alabama and the United States. Our firm handles a broad spectrum of cases, and is one of the region’s leading law firms dedicated to advocating the rights of plaintiffs and consumers in the areas of class action and insurance fraud/bad faith. To speak with our bad faith insurance lawyer, call us today today or use our online form.

Class Action

Belt & Bruner, P.C. currently represents thousands of individuals in class action cases, fighting for their right to be treated fairly and legally. A lawsuit brought by groups of people suffering similar harm or losses – by corporate misconduct, consumer or business fraud, defective products or discrimination – is called a class action. This harm or loss can have numerous causes, including:
  • Consumer fraud
  • Corporate misconduct
  • Employment discrimination
  • Environmental law / toxic torts
  • Insurance fraud
  • Finance fraud
  • Federal False Claims Act (Qui Tam)
  • Securities fraud
Class action litigation is a way for consumers to effectively challenge powerful interests by allowing a large number of plaintiffs with the same complaint to bring an action jointly against a common defendant. There are four requirements for a case to qualify as a class action:
  • There must be multiple plaintiffs;
  • The plaintiffs must all have a common complaint against the defendant;
  • The complaint must arise out of the same, specific set of circumstances;
  • It must be possible for one or a few of the plaintiffs to effectively represent the entire class of plaintiffs in the proceedings.
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